Dirty Politics is Utter Garbage

There were reports in the news about the venue for the UNC rally being totally covered in garbage and left there, with seemingly no one going to clean it up.

The reports also stated that Eddie Hart ground was cleaned up, with all the garbage in bags ready to be thrown away and that the COP venue was spotless.

What do you expect when Patrick has an army of CEPEP workers? Just because the PNM thinks thing through all the way and anticipated the garbage to have it clean says nothing. If the UNC knows a lot about something, it’s garbage and getting around to things when they need to be seen about.

That garbage will get seen about eventually, have no fear.

As for the CORPSE and their venue. How can there be garbage if nobody was there?



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2 responses to “Dirty Politics is Utter Garbage

  1. RandomTrini

    Ay Bas, talking about dirty politricks how you could hire loudspeakers to go around the night before elections telling people that UNC-A and COP have come to an agreement and to just vote for the UNC-A.

    That is real Dirty Politics!

  2. basdeopanday

    Uh, erm, uh….LOOK AT BEENIE MAN!

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