About Those Cranes

I see the press is reporting on the frenzy that occurred when we came down on cranes yesterday. I recall how this last minute decision came to be. Kamla had taken to the fire water lately, and being the chief cook and roti maker, also known as the leader of the women’s contingent of the UNC-A, she has been sampling her own wares lately. Both these things contributed to her not being able to walk very far without falling over tired. As for walking up the stairs to the stage, forget it.

So Ramesh poked fun saying “Like yuh go hadda get a crane fuh do cow boy?”

Turns out we did.

For symmetry, Jack and I decided to come in together as well.

It turned out well, the people ate it up like the sheep they are. I cannot wait to lead this country again.

I didn’t appreciate the crane operator saying us coming down would represent the fall of the UNC.


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