Jesse Jackson is a Wajang

I don’t know the appropriate spelling for Wajang, but that’s what Jesse Jackson is. Son of a bitch canceled on us. Did someone tell him anything about me? It’s not like I WENT TO JAIL or anything. One of Jackson’t little monkies said: “I am happy that like CGID Rev. Jackson is demonstrating a commit to the fundamental, democratic ideal of non-interventionism.”

Democratic? Non-interventionism? Spoken like a true PNM.

Always quick on our feet, we were able to spin it.

Chandresh Sharma managed to let word out that the Airport was closed or some cockamamie story.  Then the stupid Airports Authority had to go say that the bulletin had been out a long time and all international flights adjusted to this and that there was no request made by any private jet to land in advance. You know, that “truth” thing.
Yes, yes, we know, because he canceled, but the stupid people don’t know that and we can’t look stupid.

How could the Airports Authority be so stupid? We gave them that bloody Airport.


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