Return Of Gillian! And COP Desperation!

Remember when I told you that Gillian Lucky just picked up and went missing? Guess what, he is back and out to sabotage the United National congress Alliance! If you recall, our plan for victory is to have as many foreign persons as possible come here and woo you into voting for the UNC-A. The latest plan was to have Gerard Butler come as Leonidas, but due to a Hollywood strike is unable to do so. The new plan was to have Ramesh dress up as Leonidas, but somehow Gillian got wind of it and is out to steal our idea!

It was Ramesh self who was able to dig up these pitears. It seems the process of dressing up as Leonidas to speak with the youths is a very involved process and we have a picture of Gillian before full costume, so we know it is him! Sneaky, sneaky COP! But Ramesh is the REAL one! The people will not be fooled!


The CORPSE will have to try harder!

For the record, this plan is called “Operation 300” which also entails throwing T-shirts into the crowd a rallies with $300 wrapped up inside. Thank you, Jack.



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4 responses to “Return Of Gillian! And COP Desperation!

  1. Jesse

    Hello Basdeo,

    Jack sent me the deposit. Just remember it is non-refundable and the remainder has to go in the Cayman account.

    I am sorry I could not make it to the concert. I was really looking forward to it. Was Nelson eventually able to go? He did not seem to remember such a commitment last time we spoke. He said something about soccer. But again, maybe he is just getting old.

    The last time I attended a rock and roll concert was quite some time ago. I really appreciated the invitation. Are you going to perform? I really like your costuming. Was the beret your idea or the idea of that little short, guy with the strange accent?

    I am so sorry I could not make it because of … the airport strike/hurricane noel/hilary clinton/white people/my health/barack obama/george w. bush. Please extend my best wishes to the crowd (mindless hordes, you called them? Is that the name of a Trinidad band?)

    Next time you have a concert, can you also invite a friend of mine called Foxy Brown? She is from Trinidad, you know. You should see the ass on that biyatch.


  2. Oma


    Where you get de pitear of Gillian? You didn’t tell me you had a pitear of she.

    You have one with she bare-back? She have hair on she chest?

    You think she could play in Poison with we next year?


  3. basdeopanday

    Jesse, I said not to contact me. ix-Nay on the oreign-Fay Account-Fay.

    Oma, he will NOT play in Poison with us. Shut up and count your money.

  4. politikal

    didn’t Gillian used to have her own segment on Saturday Night Live? i believe she went by the pseudonym ‘PAT’

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