Global Voice Question

Taran asked some questions over at the Global Voices site and I thought I would post my replies here.

What are the stances on:

(1) Internet Penetration (where T&T is the lowest in CARICOM).
(2) Environment: Did EVERYONE collect their payoffs for the smelter already, or is there still a fighting chance to maintain some of the environment in Trinidad?
(3) Return to no VAT for computer related imports.
(4) Trade agreements with Latin American countries and Caribbean countries (not just CARICOM) for lower prices? Chavez has a nice computer plant…
(5) Weapons Permits: When are businesspeople NOT going to have to bribe someone to get a weapons permit? Or could you at least lower the amount of the bribes necessary, and perhaps get rid of that ‘must by weapon from person you bribed’ clause?
(6) EMA Noise Pollution: Can either of you (and Dookeran, for that matter) produce EMA variances for the noise your campaigns are making with those bush-speaker-mobiles-at-ungodly-decibel-levels? How do you expect the country to abide Law when the politicians do not? Perhaps your homes should become little Jerichos…

1. Trinidad’s Internet Penetration is lower, meaning it is more exclusive. Quality over quantity.
2. Humphrey has much to gain from the smelters, so I would say there isn’t anything to do not bring them.
3. I’m sorry – what? The PNM has instituted that as of right now. Are you even IN Trinidad?
4. Chavez is a whiny bitch. I borrowed his beret and he won’t stop texting me to give him back.
5. The current system works.
6. Everyone knows the law doesn’t apply to politicians.

I feel so productive today. Finished speaking on the platform. More on that soon.


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One response to “Global Voice Question

  1. (1) heh. I’d expect your contemporary in power to do better.

    (2) So if Humphreys gains, you gain?

    (3) The PNM didn’t institute it. The government did, and the UNC has been in opposition… allegedly.

    (4) That isn’t Chavez. Its his Mom.

    (5) That seems like something your contemporary in power would say. Perhaps you mixed up the blogs?

    (6) that is exactly the problem. Be careful with your health… 🙂

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