Leonidas In Trinidad!

I know I mentioned before about getting Gerard Butler here to talk to the youths. It is part of the plan that the United National Congress Alliance put in place, with which we are poised to be victorious at the polls. The plan? To have as many foreign persons come in as possible that have absolutely nothing to do with elections. This plan is effective because people want to have a good time, they don’t want to be bothered with silly things such as issues. When we come into power, we will fix all the issues, even if the majority of which are caused by us. No matter, the people can just dance to the catch tunes we’ve planted. Who cares about murder or kidnapping when you can dance passa passa to Richie Spice singing “Jack Warner do good, do good, do good, do good” etc.

I digress.

Gerard Butler isn’t going to come. Surprising, yes, but he told me he would stay and support the writers in the impending Hollywood strike. That wajang. But it is not a problem. If we want Leonidas, then Leonidas is what we will get! Ramesh will don the apparel of Leonadis and talk to the youth, in an idea Jack and I cam up with. This will be instrumental in us getting into the youth psyche.

I present to you, Leaonidas-Ramesh!


There is no need to call us geniuses. We know.



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2 responses to “Leonidas In Trinidad!

  1. Oma

    Ram, you looking real sexy in tights. You know if you get a paper bag big enough to fit over your head I might even consider what you arkse me about the other day. Lynette say if alright.

  2. Miss Piggy


    he face still swell up like he smelling rotten egg

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