Friendly Gesture From Patrick


Just got wind of a press conference of some sort that took place. It was a bit impromptu but I managed to swing in for the small affair. Apparently Patrick saw what we’re trying to do with Jack’s speech impediment. Actually, I’d call it something more like an obstacle, a roadblock perhaps. He presented Jack with a brand new Hooked on Phonics program in his small speech saying:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am a humble man. But am by no means weak. Do not mistake my kindness as weakness. We are not helping the opposition, we are helping ourselves, the PNM, because we cannot debate when only one party is saying something the least bit discernable.”

In typical Patos fashion, he went on for a while, eyes were rolled and then the 15 minute event ended.

I am not sure what to make of this. I am a liar, of course I know. This is obviously an attempt to sway last minute undecided voters, but you have to come better than that Patrick! You have NOTHING to do with UNC internal issues, so stay out of what does not concern you!

This is a desperate man.

There was some talk of Ramesh being there, but I didn’t see him, nor did he come up in any pictures. He knows better than to not be where he is not wanted right?


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