So, Anyone Can Have a House?

So, because I may or may not have a house or two in London/England/Pakistan/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia/Westmoorings/South Africa/Arima/Singapore/West Africa/North Africa/North, North East Africa/China/Belize/Colorado means this man can come copy me just like that? I will have you know, sir that I worked damn hard for what I took, legally. GOOD MAN, Ramesh, for ratting him out. Why you waited all this time, after Patrick Manning publicly humiliated you for helping him in the past is a bit curious and yes your overall track record is a bit suspect, but none of that matters. What matters is we got the truth out there and this is yet another reason the United National Congress Alliance will be victorious come November. What was the date? Ramesh, remind me of these things!

Oh yes, and we have photo take outer evidence! This is an exclusive pitear we were able to obtain covertly. This is the kind of truth you only find in the Probe every 6 months, to tell you how rare it is.


Ramesh boy I not sure if you seeing this, but you have to show me how to turn up the image in photoshop boy. I think the people too stupid to figure out we change it up, but it looking good still. And when you coming home this evening, don’t forget the new Hooked On Phonics for Jack, he move up to the next level.


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4 responses to “So, Anyone Can Have a House?

  1. wild indian

    Oh GAD OYE!!!!!!
    Mark bussin lef and right!
    D Times of South Africa sell-out Jack Warner!!!!!

  2. Ramesh


    So, what you really saying is that Mandela did not come again?

    I thought you told me that he was coming and how we would put him in the Hilton until the night before the election?

    I already asked Abu about security already.

    Now, don’t tell me allyou bring him back and have him hiding somewhere?

    You old dog, you. Is true? Not so? You have Nelson Mandela hiding in the house in Westmoornings?

    You and Jack really did it this time. Winston and them dead this time! When the news break we bound to win.


  3. Oma

    What house in Westmoorings?

  4. Lynette

    Yes, what house in Westmoorings? You still in that stupidness?

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