Did I teach you nothing? When I get back from Africa we need to rumble like we did in the old days. Me, you and a tea-cup.


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3 responses to “Raaaaaaaameshhhhh!

  1. Miss Piggy


    That is one ugly sour looking face.


    And why he squinting up he eye so?

    He looking like he about to shoot laser beam at de PM

    Uncle Bas

    U N C that u need to give dat boy a lesson in growing old gracefully.

    He hair jet black, I feel every month he does buy some L’Oreal hair colour and be dying the thing you know.

  2. Ramesh

    That is not me in that pityar. I have never seen that man before. I will swear to ah affidavid on that under Section 4.q of the constitution.

    You know me and affidavid already. If is one thing, I could get affidavid. Arkse Karl.

    Just wait till we get back in power. Is Green Paper in allyou pwefen. I will “deal” with Inshan, “deal” with the Express and, most of all, deal with the Guardian for that false, erroneous and misleading pityar which is ultra virus and juridical.

    In fack, it will be ah Orange Paper. Green now turn orange, it ripen … get it? I know I coulda get some people to smile. Maybe even Dukhanie Laloo, Kelvin fren.

    When I finish with that limp-wrist junior counsel he will ondly be seeing orange. If he feel is only poster will get tear up.

    Miss Piggy shall also henceforth be litigated. I will put L’Oreal in she hairs. I have natral black hairs. My hairs also curly. That is why I is the handsomeist.

    RLM (esquire)

  3. Hulsie

    I find you looking cute. You could sit down on the Southern Main Road with me anytime, darling.

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