What I go Through To Write This Blog


This is the kind of effort I put into blogging and anything for that matter. Do you want someone who is always working or someone who is so good he has time to relax? I think the decision is obvious. Newsday came in and had to maco my business as usual, interrupting me from doing my blogging which I absolutely love doing. That’s the tool right there and I understand if you feel jealous of how technically advanced we are over at the UNC. I am running Windows 95 and when typing the computer even wants to help me, with this cute little paperclip coming up from time to time. Even the computer knows I am the person to impress.



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4 responses to “What I go Through To Write This Blog

  1. You’re using Windows ’95 in the year 2007? But then I should expect that from a man who wears a bright red beret when his party colour is orange…

  2. wild indian

    d desk spotless! ah like dat!

  3. Ramesh

    You hide the booze, you old dog. Remember how we used to lick them up after meetings? Remember that time you bring a meggie and you, me and Kello licks it in half hour?

    Then you just had to spoil it by getting a step ladder for Rohini to climb up?

    You could spoil a good lime, yes.

    I had was to tell Patrick everything about the money because you went and tell Lynette about that lime. You know what happen to me?

    You never notice how my mouth twist the opposite direction since then?

    You could always spoil a good thing.

    By the way, you clean out the hard drive on that computer yet? I throw way de digital camera because I couldnt locate the flim.

    Just make sure you wipe out dem pityars. You old dog. Your neck fix yet?


  4. basdeopanday

    Ramesh I know nothing about the pitears. You haded was to put them in the compuer but a driver wasn’t working or something – I don’t know I can’t be up to date on everything.

    Ramesh those pitears cyannot come out at all. If Oma only find out – we were drunk. Okay, you know what, don’t worry. I was able to get out of jail for the whole London thing, we can more than overcome this.

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