I have to confess something…

I have to confess, it’s my ringtone, but it’s just so catchy. Ramesh, get this guy to make a catch ringtone song like this. Now!

You should be able to download the ringtone now, seems as though there was interference causing it to stop working…



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5 responses to “I have to confess something…

  1. Abu Bakr

    My brother, we are hearing nothing.

    I sat here waiting for it to load, and it felt like Allah’s endless wait over the millenia.

    Only Muhammed (peace be upon him) knows what cheesy melody you picked, because the rest of us surely cannot.

    The evin djinn Ramesh has obviously screwed with your blog.

    You should have never let him out of the lamp!

  2. Ramesh

    Why everybody always blaming me for everything so? Abu, you self. You forget about our lil deal already?

    After I get you to provide “protection” for the UNC for two elections you gone with Patrick and dem for the last one.

    So, who to blame now? Me? You dougla neemakaram!


  3. Bas,

    How much I love your ringtones. I am a woman who loves my leader, his beret and his ringtones. I am willing and able, if asked in the days of victory, to play any ringtone you ask me to the best of my ability. I will call on all women in the women’s army to extend their arms to your ringtone. In defense of the people, I will collect all secret dossiers on evilous PNM ringtones that TSTT should deem unconstitutional. May your ringtone defeat the dictator’s and take the nation into freedom. My tone is ever loyal to your ring.

  4. Miss Piggy

    Uncle Bas!

    I see you get a new computer! Nice foto man.

    But ah fine they should have get you a flat screen monitor man

    Dey eh know you have blogging to do?

    Tell Mr Warner for me, he cyah expect you to draw a Monet with a crayon man, de artist must have he tools.

  5. Methinks Mr. Bakr needs to invest in high speed. Ah hear TSTT have some new deals. Btw hapy belated Abu. I read your interview and it makes me look at you as almost a human being now.

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