A Letter To Kamla.

Dear Kamla,

Could you please get back to me? I offered you to lead the Women’s Contingent of the Army of the United National Congress Alliance. I thought for a good 7 minutes to come up with that to make you not look bad after we stiff-armed you and your taking so long is rather rude. If you cannot come to a decision on this position, which includes but is not limited to making roti for political outings, tying goats at night, milking said goats in the morning and basic Microsoft Word skills, I will be forced to give the position to Jack Warner. He’s been begging for the position. Well, I think he is, it could be that he asked what time it was, or maybe he was choking. You really can’t tell with that guy.

Sincerely Yours,

Basdeo “Hunk a Hunk a Burning” Panday



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7 responses to “A Letter To Kamla.

  1. It seems to me dat daba bada dab adda Kamla baba dadaba. But, I will say baadaa daba adba baba, and when November 5th arriva we willa billa dilla bada ding dong boo.

    And Patricka sill filla daba baa daa kuda buda billa bong dildo doo.

    And there-fore, bada dada adda Kamla bada bing.

  2. Avi

    Well if Kamla could make ah good curry goat and roti ,then was de sense in she leading the party , she should be head of the kitchen in the UNC-A where her real talent can be exploited…

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  4. Ramesh


    It don’t look like Kamla really buying this Women’s League business. Last night she call me and cuss mih mudder stink, stink.

    I thinks she need a bigger insentive.

    You asked her if we throw in a case of ‘blue’ with chaser if that would wuk?

    I have a partner with a parlor in Gasparillo could also give us a few box of Snickers and Milky Way.

    Tell she we could also make she President of the Women Over 170 Pound Movement – the rough equivalant of the PNM’s Fat Arse Brigade. (You ever notice how she getting chunksy there too?)

    With love,


  5. wild indian

    It’s Not Right But It’s OK (Womenz Arms Army Verzion)

    Thursday night you and yuh boys ask me out to eat
    And we was all hanging out, you say d leader would be me
    But den yuh and Jack went to d toilet, ah
    And yuh came back wit a different tune, yeah
    ‘Cause only two of you had dinner, and allyuh put me out to catch a taxi on d street

    It’s not right, but it’s ok
    I’m gonna make it anyway
    Chunkay meh roti, cook my dhal
    I’m a woman in love wid my coun-try
    It’s not right, but it’s ok
    I’m gonna make it anyway
    Johnnie Walker Blue to start my day
    You cyar keep me from no ralleee

    Bandaged, bruised and on my belly, yes I am
    Battling your whims and insecurities
    (Why you got so many insecurities?)
    You say you gonna make me the head of the women’s army, boy
    But when I look at yuh speech after ah didn see nuttin like that bout me

    (I been through all this before)
    I’ve been through all this before
    (So how could you think)
    Don’t think about it, don’t think about it
    (That I would stand around and take some more)
    Cause I will (Things are not gonna change)
    Ain’t gonna change, baby (Cuz I’d love to be your fool ever more)
    Don’t ever change, boy (… maybe one day you’ll make me d AG)
    Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (don’t make me any promises)
    No promises
    … maybe one day leave Oma for meeeeee

  6. basdeopanday

    Can you say “rally song”?

  7. wild indian

    is hot yuh hot – everybody wanna get in bed wid you, de devil hadda stand in line!

    so wha is yuh strategy fuh Hulsie? yuh know dais a lil sorf spot …. since d ladder days 😉

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