UNC Alliance Rally Thoughts

Who got that tied-tongue girl to talk for us?

2:43 – We have Blazer performing. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Young people like that right?

2:51 ZZzzzzz……


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8 responses to “UNC Alliance Rally Thoughts

  1. wild indian

    PANDAY IN HD!!!!!!!!!!
    *screams from crowds of thousands*

    hosted by the cheese-tastic David Huggins who is so afraid of the comments he’s gonna get from taking the job is afraid to actually look into the camera!
    … and someone else who said: This is just great! and Oh my God it’s soooooo crowded! – a lot.

  2. Ramesh

    I hear some of allyou booing in the crowd. Just to let you know that I had ‘operatives’ in the crowd and they see allyou. Nobody boos my Bas.

    Forget how I did try to put you in jail after I did was talk to Patrick about certain crimes. That was yestarday. But today is today.

    Yestarday I did was wanted him in jail. Today i wants all the Mid Centre booers in jail.

    Dont think we didnt see allyou. Kamla give we the names. We coming for allyou in the night. Dont forget for whom the bells Dole.


  3. Abu Bakr

    Unfortunately I could not make it, being Ramadan and all.

  4. Ramesh

    And don’t talk about you. You just had to go and tell people about our deal. I warned you. I warned you.

    As if you didn’t get enough money to buy enough sheet to wear.

    I promise. If you tell on me and Bas. I will tell on you. You could go ahead and tell on Patrick.



    Well you certainly threw them a curve ball with the size of that gathering, the silver fox will outfox them to the end, what a turnout, u have more support than patos and with only half your candidates announced! Is this new genre what the gurus call edutainment of the masses?

  6. basdeopanday

    I don’t get why people were booing though. It was their own way of supporting I guess.

  7. wild indian

    Booze was not in short supply.

  8. Follow this link to de Ultimate Election Machine

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