Anil Roberts, COP, Kamla, DUI

So I can’t get on to Kamla at all. Probably running the tab up at the nearest waterhole.

Also, just saw on TV that Anil Roberts joined the COP, I assume that means he’s out of the closet.



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3 responses to “Anil Roberts, COP, Kamla, DUI

  1. Angry Indrani

    The thing about grog is: tomorrow Kamla will wake up sober. You will $T!LL be a corrupt prestige-hungry cronyism-bent old geriatric. Anand is gay, really was he holding hands with Jack why you don’t change your name to Jill and run up a hill with him.

  2. Ramesh

    Is Presedent you giving she? PRESEDENT? I thought it were me you was giving that? It is juridically impossible to have two presedent.

    You see how Trevor duck and run again? And you nearly give him seat to run. I think you is guilty of pore judgement. I don’t like you anymore.


  3. wild indian

    Kamla – Chief cook and roti maker

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