Kamla Went Batshit Crazy

I don’t want to lie to you. Kamla was none too pleased that she isn’t political leader. I was intrigued, but not too surprised by this decision. Jack really is best to lead the party right now. I had to see to some court matters (a parking ticket for one of my security guards, nothing serious) and left the decision making to the others. From what I was told it was a close race, but Kamla’s inebriated state left people lacking confidence in her.

Though she may have seemed composed…she went batshit crazy, sorry to say. Luckily she just needed an embrace and a Screwdriver to make all well.

This blogging thing has me tired, but if you have questions, let me know.



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6 responses to “Kamla Went Batshit Crazy

  1. manbeater

    I am not surprised.
    History repeating itself all over again…as expected you sold out to the highest bidder.

    Kamla do the honourable thing and accect COP’s offer.

  2. wild indian

    I hear TMZ have a tape of d meeting.

    Ah really wonder why Meighoo storm den ride out from d meeting but I hear in part of d tape yuh could hear Jack sayin: I payin all de damn bills arong here man!

  3. con-doleezah-rice

    kamla, join the cop cause that way there’s more for you to drink from…

  4. wild indian

    she say COP not CUP.

    I wonder if Kamla favorite singer is still Bob Marley …?

  5. Angry Indrani

    I rather Kamla than them 2 hand holding hypocrites.

    Somebody call national geographic fast, gay dinosaurs discovered in Trinidad.

    LMAO Jack balwing that it was his dream come true, as if Bas sleep with him on the first date and then propose.

  6. Empress

    Yuh coulda do better than that frog-face man. Ah going to throw-up now.

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