Can’t Wait

I just can’t wait to sit down on November 6th when we win and rationally decide who is more fit to lead the country as Prime Minister. Because the country comes first.



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6 responses to “Can’t Wait

  1. Ramesh

    I think you has lots of options. If you has any jurispudence you would choose me. That is because I is better dan the res’ and I can use two straw to drink mauby and coffee at the same time.

    Your boy,


  2. wild indian

    two questions:
    will the executive president wear a red beret?

    was J#%& really squeezing your hand in that Newsday front page pic? or was he squeezing something else?

  3. basdeopanday

    We were sharing a tender moment. Is there anything wrong with that?

    Ramesh…you alive, my friend? Is team unity in the Alliance? We manage to annex you? I need to keep track of things.

  4. Ramesh


    You din see how it nearly had two corpse in Dooks funeral? You want to be the next one? You din answer the question: where Jack was squeezing in the piture?


  5. Angry Indrani


    i hate you forever for putting that knife in kamla’s back

    indian woman should vote COP or even PNM to keep you two evil toads from power


    you read rite. i would vote for manning himself or dookeran’s brother if they was running against you

  6. Winston D.

    Could somebody wake me up when it’s over? I’m afraid I’m putting myself to sleep………z.z.z.z.z.z.

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