Model Behaviour

Bad news on the supermodel front today, friends. It seems Miss Tyra Banks has deiclined our invitation to contest the next general election. It wasn’t for whatever reason you have in your mind. Miss Banks declined because she has an irrational fear of dolphins and living in the Caribbean doesn’t make her feel too safe. Who would have known?

Luckily the beauty queen idea isn’t DOA just yet – Kamla may be leading the UNC, in which case we can make it very  public that she was won the “Miss Rum Shop” title several years in a row. I can hear Dyer and Fitzwhatever shaking in their high heels now.



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6 responses to “Model Behaviour

  1. Mauby

    Uncle Bas

    If you step down, U N C yuh don’t need a blog any more?

  2. basdeopanday

    I will still be calling the shots. These young ones don’t know what they really want you know.

  3. manbeater

    Power is the hardest thing to give up eh bas…?

  4. basdeopanday

    But they want it, so I have no problem taking a passive role. Let Kamla feel she is in charge, she’ll like that.

  5. wild indian


    My smoke spirits say:
    He make a great bet in the month of November.

  6. Angry Indrani

    Hooooooooooooooo boy

    You have no problem taking a passive role.

    I see how passive you are MR WARNER’S SENIOR PARTNER

    Clint Eastwood must have been talking about you. Don’t pee on us and then tell us it is raining.

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