Twitter In The Air

Guess what? In our eternal quest to become the most technologically advanced Political party, it was suggested to me that I start a Twitter account. I can update it with more personal things from time to time. That is all.



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8 responses to “Twitter In The Air

  1. Mauby

    What sort of personal things?

    Mr Dookeran was telling the woman’s express about his “turn ons” can we look forward to some intimate details from you as well?

  2. basdeopanday

    Thank you for this. I shall give this some thought for a blog entry. If my fans want to know me better, ask and it shall be revealed.

  3. wild indian

    I really beginnin to tink yuh beret too tight.

  4. Mauby

    That is what I wanted to ask!

    Uncle Bas, where does one get a red beret with a UNC insignia on it?

    Have you made several of them? You have some to give away?

  5. basdeopanday

    I have developed a special relationship with the New Era Fits company to make these special articles of clothing. There are only a few made, a collector’s item at that.

  6. wild indian

    it lookin too tight i say!

  7. arthur

    Bas, is your beret waterproof. I mean, you must need something absorbent and soft to wipe the tata that comes from your mouth. Do you still think that Winston has sold out to the ‘others’? Wink, wink, you know who I mean.

    Remember how you thought that Raf had sold out to the ‘others’ to the detriment of the Indians?

  8. Angry Indrani

    Hush your traitorous mouth.

    Mr P loves black people. That is why Jack is his junior partner.

    Why, if he behave himself, he might even become equal partner one day. He could live in the palace maid quarters.

    Dreams can come true Jackie, keep reaching for the stars and dreaming that impossible dream.

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