COP/PNM Beauty Plots

Well, it seems as though the PNM and COP have attempted to impede my coming back into office. First the COP are bringing out the Nicole Dyer. You may be wondering: “Who?” To which I say: “Exactly!”

Don’t bring any “celebrities” when people don’t even know who you are. I thought she was getting death threats at some point. That would be a clear indication to stay away from politics, but then again I’ve had my fair share of death threats, so I admire her for having the balls to compete in this competition, even if nobody knows who you are.

I’m really not concerned about her joining in the COP, who I am concerned about is Wendy Fitzwilliams, who Patos wants to replace Ken Valley.

I’m only concerned because she’s actually a contender. She actually won the Miss Universe competition and may be a viable replacement for Valley. Oh, how I wish he had won in the screening process, we wouldn’t have this problem. In case you didn’t know, inside sources told me that this “screening” process consisted of rounds of thumb war, which Valley simply doesn’t have the dexterity to win.

This model thing had me wondering, but I do have a plan. I did not want to let the cat out of the bag because nothing is final, but we have extended an invitation to Miss Tyra Banks to contest a seat in the next election.

I know what you’re thinking – you want to know how we will pull this off. I assure you, we know what we are doing and we want to show that we too can compete with any and every plan that the PNM or COP intend to pull off.

The Alliance will not take this sitting down!

Of course, the PNM and UNC can come to us and be part of the Alliance considering we will be taking up office very soon.

I’ll be updating you on the latest developments – you will know what is going to happen here before it reaches anywhere else.



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8 responses to “COP/PNM Beauty Plots

  1. Mauby

    Tyra Banks is ole news.

    Maybe see if Supahead is free. Or Foxy Brown, she is a Trini.

  2. basdeopanday

    Supahead doesn’t like being called that, even though she has a picture of her wearing a tshirt with the name on Myspace. That bitch doesn’t know what she wants. The way things are developing, we may have bad news with Miss Banks….

  3. wild indian

    Britney Spears is d ticket man!!!!
    Doh stick!
    She all over d news!!!!
    She hotta dan a chula and dat Martin Luther guy!
    …PLSsss she lookin for ah comeback angle – wot betta than appearing on ah political platform in a turd world country!
    PLUSSS yuh eh go incur airfare for her kids cause she gave dem up!
    tell Jack look into it.

  4. arthur

    Yeah, and we could invite Akon to sing at the candidates rally.

  5. wild indian

    yea cause allyuh done using he song as the campaign jingle already.

    btw allyuh payin COTT fuh dat???

  6. basdeopanday

    I think for the young people vote we may go with I’m so Hood – Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies, T-Pain

  7. Angry Indrani

    Go with Jah Rule instead.

    He is more “UNC”. ie

    Not done anything good in ages and gets on people’s nerves.

    Or R Kelly. He’s been in Jail. Nuff said.

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