I Believe Facebook Is Full of Idiots

Being as popular as I am, you have to accept the fact that some people may become jealous. On Facebook I have received some pleasantries, but as always there will be some who want to tear you down. For that I am glad, it is what fuels me and I am more than willing to rip you a new one if you want to throw down.

However, I cannot always have it this way.

It appears that the bar wasn’t set high enough when entry into Facebook comes into question. I received an interesting message. I could not understand what it was. I will show it to you right here.

u sux trinidad worst crime evea, be like guyana old man! u b dead soon1 so go with the flow! u told old to be in politics! too old! basdeo.. more like jackass lol

I do not know if it is OK to print the person’s name or email in the computer.

I was going to dismiss it, but instead I will try to understand what this person is saying – it’s obviously a cry for help.

u sux trinidad worst crime evea” – I know it sucks, crime is in this state, but come November 5th, we can fix this.

I lied, I won’t try to figure this out, it makes my old eyes hurt being in the computer for too long. On second thought, it must be some telemarketer or something, telling me to go with Flow, but we have no alternatives to cable TV! Speaking of which, I do like me some ZeeTV, but cable service is poor as of late. How am I to enjoy my shows?

I digress.

This person is obviously a product of the PNM’s doing. We will fix you, soon enough, sir. We will fix you.



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3 responses to “I Believe Facebook Is Full of Idiots

  1. Mauby

    OMG! This was hi-larious.

    Good stuff man, keep it up 🙂

  2. basdeopanday

    The sad state of this country is no laughing matter. I urge you to subscribe to the rss feed and tell all you can about this blog. Help spread the truth to everyone on the intertube.

  3. Angry Indrani

    Though his syntax might be gobar, most of what he say is correct.

    1. YOU SUCK



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