CFR Corruption

So Caribbean Free Radio has interviewed “Patos” and said other politicians would not have the stamina to keep up a blog. WRONG! I vow to continue blogging as long as the PNM have this man on the internet polluting the tubes with lies. Speaking of when Patos might step down from blogging, here is an interesting quote “As to whether I’ll continue blogging, that depends.”

Might I suggest November 5th?



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3 responses to “CFR Corruption

  1. RandomTrini

    Ay Bas, when you mentioning another story and linking to it, link to the right thing nah.

    I forgive yuh this time cause you apparently new on the internets.

  2. basdeopanday

    My friend, thank you. You would not believe the kind of sabotage the PNM is trying to do to me and my blog.

  3. Angry Indrani

    How could they be so wrong.

    With a big mouth like yours, is updates every day.

    Patsy hasn’t updated in days.

    You better panic, the less time he blogs the more time he has to put wear and tear on your palace. Ahem, sorry I mean Jack’s palace, because of course you will let him take the reins.

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