And So It Begins

I was busy counting my money early this morning when Oma came in and told me about Patrick Manning having a blog. My heart raced as I began to formulate thoughts in my mind as to what it was Patrick had found out I did and was going to do to me – I thought a blog was some sort of legal jargon for a sting operation, another “Operation Anaconda” or something. Realizing I wasn’t aware of what a “blog” was, she told me it was a thing in the computer.

I brushed it off as some sort of stupid CEPEP website but she explained to me what it was. Patrick was trying to connect people on a more personal level – I of course will have none of it.

And so begins my journey in the world of blogging. Patrick thinks he can have all the say on the internet. But not so. Your boy Basdeo has tricks up his sleeve. I have been doing hours upon hours of research into the whole internet thing and I must say I am proud. I know now that the internet is not a dump truck, for example. It is a series of tubes.

I bet Patrick doesn’t know that. You see, as the future leader of this country, I am willing to make the sacrifice needed to connect with each and every person here – socially inept or not. The PNM are a bunch of  charlatans, starting blogs to “connect” with people when they don’t even understand the internet.

In an effort to connect with our younger audience, I have commissioned a committee to make me a banner that fully encompasses how important I am. While I have started wearing my red beret to show how much I am like Che Guevara and how much like Nelson Mandela I am spending time in jail for no reason, the younger generation might not understand just how important I am, so I included Leonidas from the film 300. That’s what the kids are into these days I understand. I will talk more about the PNM’s underhand tactics to connect with people via the internet. First I need to figure out why I need to “burn” a feed.



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4 responses to “And So It Begins

  1. wild indian

    I find it hard to believe that Oma could explain wot a blog is.
    She surely knows the way to Harrods but ah eh so sure she kno bout blogs and tings.

  2. basdeopanday

    Well you’re wrong. She does a lot of online shopping you see. I am amazed she is able to buy things in the computer.

  3. con-doleezah-rice

    well the thing is, i was thinking about taking Oma on a trip with me next time i go to shop in the MiDEast. i sure she go have a blass. blogs an ting cheap cheap ova dey.

  4. Angry Indrani

    Nice pics.

    Mandela has retired from politics because he is too old. I can see you learn a lot from him.

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